swiss epic

28th July 2019

Tour du Mont Blanc

For an organiser to have the front to call thier event the toughest in the World is quite a statement, but it is the tagline for […]
18th April 2019

Dirty Reiver 2019

Given it is almost a year since any kind of post there is perhaps no surprise that events and any form of racing has not been […]
22nd July 2018

Haute Route – Alpe D’Huez Stage Race

Stage racing is my absolute favourite type of racing, although previously it has always been MTB races, except for one rather eventful Ras de Cymru many […]
12th July 2018

La Marmotte 2018

La Marmotte is an event that is on many cyclists bucket list and one that I have fallen in love with since I first took part […]
7th February 2018

Head Injury – 18 months on

On August 6th, 2016 I had the worst accident to date. 18 months on the effects of that crash are still present and have become a […]
22nd January 2018

2018 – Where Next?

A New Year and a chance to look ahead and start planning. In fact I have been thinking of 2018 for what seems like ages, with […]
17th September 2017

Ironman Wales

It is no secret that I am not the biggest fan of Ironman as an organisation; A big, multi-national company that seem to see themselves as […]
22nd August 2017

Racing & living with EIAE

EIAE – External Iliac Artery Endofibrosis It might be a little bit of a mouthful, but this condition is essentially a hardening of one of the […]
31st July 2017

Alpe d’Huez Triathlon

I first heard of the Alpe d’Huez triathlon halfway through last season, which was my first year doing any form of multi-sport events and too late […]
20th July 2017

L’Etape du Tour 2017

I am a big fan of the European Sportif/Gran Fondos and have been lucky enough to have taken part in a few fantastic events over the […]
19th June 2017

Celtman 2017

After the 2016 event and the surprise of finishing in 2nd place at Celtman, I decided that if I prepared more and with the experience of […]
10th June 2017

Preparing for Celtman

With the first target race of 2017 just over a week away I am sure I am not the only person who has mixed feelings with […]
15th May 2017

Blaenavon Triathlon

With less than 4 weeks to Celtman, which is my first major race of the year, my training and preparation is stepping up a notch. Everything […]
8th May 2017

2017 Underway

So far this year has been something of a whirlwind, with lots of events but ones that I have been organising, rather than me taking part […]
18th September 2016

Swiss Epic 2016

In a few short years since its inception in 2014 the PERSKINDOL SWISS EPIC has grown to become one of the Worlds most prestigious Mountain Bike […]
8th September 2016

The Accident

It seems a little strange to talk about what happened to me at the start of August because I have absolutely no memory of it. In […]
27th June 2016

Celtman 2016

Photo credits: Alligin Photography, Ross Millar You spend months and months preparing for an event and then all of a sudden its over. It was almost […]
13th June 2016

Forest of Dean Triathlon

Well I guess the first and most important update since my last blog is that I am now a Dad! Little Manon was born on June […]
23rd May 2016

Up to Standard

After the excitement of last weekends first triathlon I was immediately looking for more triathlons to enter. With all quiet on the baby front and with […]
21st May 2016

Sprint Start

It seems logical that a Sprint triathlon be my first step into triathlon given its the shortest distance that is regularly organised. For newcomers it offers […]
14th May 2016

Transitioning to Triathlon

Although Mountain Bikes and cycling have always been my thing, I have always had one triathlon on my bucket list, which is Norseman. Classed as an “extreme triathlon” […]
18th April 2016

Dirty Reiver 200

The Dirty Reiver 200 is a new event and a homage to American gravel races such as the Dirty Kansa 200 and the Trans Iowa 300 […]
9th February 2016

The Pioneer New Zealand

New Zealand has been somewhere I have always wanted to visit and when I was young it was one of only 2 countries around the World […]
12th January 2016

New year, new motivation

If I were to mark a time in my life when racing became a hobby (again), rather than a job then the start of 2015 was […]
30th September 2015

3 Peaks Cyclocross

The 3 peaks is one of those races that almost everyone has heard about. It is famous around the World for being a bit special and […]
23rd September 2015

Swiss Epic 2015

  Last year the Swiss Epic was one of the highlights of my year. The inaugural event was near perfect with a mix of incredible riding […]
8th July 2015

La Marmotte – 2015

2015 numbers & stats: 175 – Distance in kilometres 5100 – Height gain in meters 7500 – Number of riders entered 4678 – Number of official […]
3rd July 2015

Bike Check – Kinesis Aithein (La Marmotte)

A look at Matt’s road bike, ready to tackle La Marmotte – the hardest cyclosportive in the World. About La Marmotte: One of the biggest and […]
24th June 2015

Mountain Mayhem 2015

Pictures thanks to Anthony Pease Photography Mountain Mayhem has been a yearly pilgrimage for me, I have attended all but one (2013) since I started Mountain […]
14th June 2015

The Pig – UK’s Toughest Duathlon

Having spend the last 3-4 weeks solely focused on The Pig, it seemed to crop up far too quickly. All of a sudden we were in […]
19th May 2015

Cader Idris – Mountain Fell Race

There is a fair amount of irony in organising cycle events but entering running events. In recent months I have been running more and more, finding it […]
7th May 2015

Dyfi Enduro

There are certain events that get under your skin and make you want to enter year after year. For me the Dyfi Enduro is one of those […]
13th April 2015

Motivation: Ups and Downs

Recently life has been rather turbulent and in fact the last 15 months have been something of a whirlwind that I struggle to keep up with. […]
9th February 2015

Trans Hajar – Part 1

I’ve known of the Trans Hajar for a few years, although its small event it seemed to have a good reputation. Last year it had a […]
7th December 2014

Dutch Cyclocross & Beach Battle

After De Panne last weekend I will admit I was a little disappointed. Starting far back didn’t help and my lack of experience showed, but finishing […]
2nd December 2014

De Panne Beach Endurance Race

Well at least now I can say that I have some experience of beach racing! De Panne was everything I expected it to be and a […]
28th November 2014

Cyclocross & Beach Racing

Autumn is usually a quiet part of the year for me, with the main MTB season coming to an end after WEMBO I usually take a […]
19th November 2014

Join A Cycling Team – 2015 Applications Open

It is an exciting time for us as we expand the team for 2015! We are inviting applications from all riders, from junior level through all […]
15th October 2014

WEMBO – 24hr World Champs

It’s always more difficult to write a blog when things don’t go as planned. But life tends to be like that. Not everyone can win. Not […]
9th October 2014

WEMBO Preview

The end of the 2014 season is here and it has arrived all of a sudden. WEMBO was always going to be the main race of […]
14th September 2014

WEMBO Countdown

The biggest race of the year is almost upon me, yet just a few weeks ago I was doubting weather or not I would be taking […]
2nd August 2014

Singletrack 6 – Stages 5 & 6

Read my reports from: Stages 1 & 2 Stages 3 & 4 Stage 5 Golden 58km, 1400m climbing After a great day yesterday we were treated […]
30th July 2014

Singletrack 6 – Stages 3 & 4

Read the reports from Stages 1 & 2 Stage 3: Radium Hot Springs 48km, 1000m climbing (official stats) Today was pretty much a disaster. It started […]
28th July 2014

Singletrack 6 – Stages 1 & 2

After a week of fantastic riding around the Rockies, it was time to race! The setup for ST6 is a little different to most stage races. […]
25th July 2014

Singletrack 6 – Pre event

When I was younger I never really wanted to travel the World. It wasn’t something that appealed at the time, although that has changed dramatically with […]
17th July 2014

My little backpacking adventure – Part 2

Continued from Part 1… The night spent in Bersée was not a good one, the rain fell constantly and inside my tiny little tent it felt […]
16th July 2014

My little backpacking adventure – Part 1

Every so often I get a wacky idea; maybe a route idea such as The Monster, or an event trip such as the recent short but […]
30th June 2014

Church Stretton Marathon & Ironbridge CX

Last weekend was another double-header of events, the combination of a summer CX race held within Ironbridge Victorian village and the MTB Marathon series at Church […]
23rd June 2014

Mountain Mayhem 2014

Mountain Mayhem 2014 ended up being the most incredible and hardest fought race I have ever been a part of. A great course, sunny weather and […]
18th June 2014

Gran Fondo Sportful Dolomiti Race

  In my opinion, Italy is the cycling capital of the World. France might have the Tour de France, but when it comes to history and […]
10th June 2014

Bikefest & The Dragon Ride

Last weekend was probably one of the most enjoyable weekends of riding that I’ve had in a long time. It almost didn’t happen at all, it […]
29th May 2014

Rhayader – MTB Marathon Series

The last few weeks have been very frustrating, I had hoped to be into a better training routine with more time available to get out riding, […]
20th May 2014

A life less round – switching to Rotor

Over the past 5 years or so, the oval chainring has seen a surge in popularity. The claims are pretty big. Less lactic, more power, better […]
14th May 2014

Switching to oval chainrings

6th May 2014

Dyfi Enduro

The Dyfi is probably my favourite event to ride in the UK. A mixture of a chilled vibe, lots going on and a course that really […]
22nd April 2014

Builth Wells Marathon Weekend

It’s just over a week since the event that has become my traditional start to the racing year. The MTB Marathon Series at Builth Wells usually […]
24th March 2014

The other side of the fence

I’ve been riding and racing bikes for 13 years and in those years I have been very lucky to have travelled all over the World and […]
10th February 2014

Mudrunner Icebreaker

One of my favourite events from 2013 was the Icebreaker, it was a massive surprise to win as I am certainly not a multi-sport athlete but […]
3rd February 2014

January Racing catch-up

The start of 2014 has been incredibly hectic and during January I can probably count the number of rides I’ve managed to do on my fingers! […]
31st January 2014

MTB Marathon Series – Builth Wells

A great course and a great venue, a good test event to get the season rolling
31st January 2014

Exposure Lights – Big Night Out

The original Night time MTB Marathon
31st January 2014

Welsh XC Series, Rd 2

Round 2 of the Welsh XC Series, Builth Wells.
31st January 2014

Battle on the Beach

A brand new event from A Cycling for 2014.
30th January 2014

2014 Swiss Epic

Switzerland's first ever stage race - this one is going to be special!
30th January 2014

2014 Singletrack 6 (Canada)

6 day stage race in the Rockies, Canada.
30th January 2014

2014 Sportful Dolomiti Race

Claiming to be the hardest Gran Fondo in the World. 200km with over 5000m climbing.
17th January 2014

2014 Dyfi Enduro

One of the best MTB events in the UK.
17th January 2014

2014 Wentwood 50

Challenging 50km event with fun descents and challenging climbs
17th January 2014

2014 Icebreaker Duathlon

10km off-road run, 20km hilly MTB ride followed by a 3km hobble through swamps and streams. Fun!
17th January 2014

2014 Dyfi Winter Warmup

A fun, fairly technical event at a time when the weather is often challenging.
17th December 2013

Winter Cycling Tips

Do you hibernate, relish it or simply survive the winter months? Personally, winter is most certainly a case of survival. I find December especially difficult, recapping […]
10th December 2013

Iron Bike 2013 video

A video showing some of the terrain at the 2013 Iron Bike stage race. Full reports are blogs are available here.
5th December 2013


I wasn’t expecting to travel abroad again this year. As far as I was concerned, my travels ended after returning from Australia but an unexpected but […]
26th November 2013

Flying with a bike

This year I have been very fortunate to do a fair bit of travelling, all of it involving flying with a bike. I’ve certainly got the […]
11th November 2013

Crocodile Trophy – Gallery

Great photos from the Crocodile Trophy.  All photos thanks to Regina Stanger. I often wonder why the Crocodile Trophy has not become more popular with British […]
10th November 2013

Highland Fling 100 mile

Following the Crocodile Trophy I had purposely left my plans open as I didn’t know what I might feel like doing. When the chance to go […]
28th October 2013

Crocodile Trophy: Stages 7-9

Stage 7 Flat, short, non technical time trial. I’d say that is the complete opposite of what I am good at or enjoy, but thats what […]
23rd October 2013

Crocodile Trophy: Stages 1-3

Stage 1 The first stage of any stage race is always interesting, the day that you see who is on form and going well. The Croc […]
17th October 2013

WEMBO 24hr 2013

It is easy to write a blog following a successful race, but very hard after one that didn’t go to plan and not have it sound […]
9th October 2013

World Champs Preclude

With just a few days before the World Champs here in Canberra, the biggest race of my year is finally here. 12 months ago I travelled […]
26th September 2013

Preparing for Australia

The return from Mongolia Bike Challenge was far from simple and caused a great deal of stress and discomfort. A 24hr delay then almost missing the […]
9th September 2013

Mongolia Bike Challenge – Roundup

The Mongolia Bike Challenge was right at the top of my bucket list of events, providing adventure and the opportunity to race among a seriously competitive […]
8th September 2013

Mongolia Bike Challenge Stage 7

Day 7 93km 1170m climbing Strava The ger camp we stayed at last night was definitely a luxury for the race, still a ger camp but […]
8th September 2013

Mongolia Bike Challenge Stage 6

Day 6 171km 1270m climbing Strava Awaking today, the big news around camp was that many of the riders were feeling sick, including Jack my ger-mate […]
8th September 2013

Mongolia Bike Challenge Stage 5

Day 5 98km 1240m climbing Strava Although we had a basic ger camp overnight we did at least have the luxury of not having to pack […]
5th September 2013

Mongolia Bike Challenge Stage 4

Day 4 96km 1000m climbing Strava Awaking just after 6am, after yesterdays crazy day the first knowledge we had was that it would be revised to 120km […]
5th September 2013

Mongolia Bike Challenge Stage 3

Day 3 42km 446m climbing Strava The camp after stage 2 was another ger, although a little more primitive. Just a plastic mat on the floor; no […]
28th August 2013

The lure of the stage race – MBC

Over the last few years there has been one major change in the type of events that I gravitate towards. If you had asked me in […]
20th August 2013

Iron Bike 2013 – Round-up & Photos

Iron Bike was brutal but incredible for the third year running. Here are links for all the blog reports and Strava stats with a full gallery […]
30th July 2013

Iron Bike – Stage 8

60km 2700m ascent Maximum time limit: 6.5hrs Time taken: 4hrs 5min Strava link Like many other stage races, Iron Bike finishes with a relatively easy day. […]
27th July 2013

Iron Bike – Stage 7

90km 4300m ascent Maximum time limit: 11.5hrs Time taken: 9hrs 6min In every stage race there is a queen stage, that is the hardest or biggest […]
26th July 2013

Iron Bike – Stage 6

90km 4100m ascent Maximum time limit: 12hrs Time taken: 7hrs 06min Strava stats Today I slept through my alarm for the first time. Tiredness has reached […]
25th July 2013

Iron Bike – Stage 5

80km 3500m ascent (not including chairlift) Maximum time limit: 12hrs Time taken: 7hrs 40min Strava stats The longer this race goes on, the harder the recovery […]
24th July 2013

Iron Bike Stages 3 & 4

Stage 3: 68km 1270m ascent Maximum time limit: 13hrs Time taken: 5hrs 25min Looking at todays route map it looked like an easy day, just one […]
22nd July 2013

Iron Bike – Stage 2

86km 4800m ascent Maximum time limit: 13hrs Time taken: 7hrs 50min If yesterdays stage could be considered a warm up by Iron Bike standard then today […]
21st July 2013

Iron Bike – Stage 1

This year the prologue was the same format as last year, an urban crit around the start town of Limone Piemonte. It means very little for […]
16th July 2013

Iron Bike Preview

No other event on my calendar affects me quite as much as Iron Bike. Widely regarded as the toughest MTB stage race in the World and […]
8th July 2013

La Marmotte

One of the hardest and most famous Cyclo-Sportives in the World. 174km with 5200m climbing
5th July 2013

La Marmotte Prep

It was not my intention to ride La Marmotte again this year, but through working with Alp Cycles I was offered an entry and decided to […]
24th June 2013

Season Update

To say this year has been difficult would be a big understatement. Racing and training was not a priority for the first 5 months and even […]
29th May 2013

Mountain Mayhem course preview (2013)

Stats in brief: Distance – 12km/7.5miles Climbing – 320m Weather proof – Yes! On Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited to Gatcombe Park for […]
20th May 2013


You can be forgiven for never hearing of TransVesubienne before. There are so many euro races out there that no one has ever heard of, although […]
15th May 2013

Fizik shoes

8th May 2013

Welsh Coast to Coast MTB – New Record

The Welsh Coast to Coast is a long-distance, point to point off-road route running the length of Wales. It was originally mapped and ridden by endurance […]
3rd May 2013

Welsh Coast to Coast Off-Road (MTB) Record Attempt

On Monday 5th May I am planning on riding the Welsh Coast to Coast route and attempting to beat the current record, which stands at 20hrs […]
1st May 2013

LOOK S-Track pedals – Initial review

Over the 13 or so years that I have been riding I’ve tried almost all the pedal systems on the market. Each one has had its […]
25th April 2013

Team Bike – Pivot Mach 429 – First look

The first of the 2013 A Cycling/Pivot team bikes has arrived! The Pivot Mach 429 is no shrinking violet, the “Team Green” colour is stunning in […]
22nd April 2013

Welsh XC – Fforest Fields

  I’m keen to try and support my local races, even when its something that I am not especially targeting. XC Racing is something I rarely […]
15th April 2013

New Team Kit

Here is a good look at the new A Cycling/Pivot team jersey. You certainly won’t miss it on the race track!
14th April 2013

New Wesbite

Thanks for everyones support over the previous years. With the announcement of a new team for 2013 my blog and race reports will now be online […]
14th April 2013

Builth Wells ELBNO Marathon

The Schwalbe Marathon series was picked as the location to launch the new team, with several main sponsors and supporters in attendance, including Pivot, Schwalbe, Exposure […]
12th April 2013

2013 Sponsors Announced

We are very excited to be able to announce the sponsors for the A Cycling Race Team for the forthcoming season:
25th March 2013

Afan Gravity Enduro

This year I’ve decided to do a few things a bit differently, less traveling for events and wider range of the type of events I enter. […]
13th March 2013

MudTrek Skills Weekend

Last weekend was the very first MudTrek skills weekend, a collaboration between myself and Jay & Nikki who run MudTrek. We discussed the idea late last […]
27th February 2013

Andalucia Bike Race – Stage 4

Today was supposed to be the “Queen Stage”, as in being the hardest of the event, but yesterday evening we heard it had been shortened due […]
25th February 2013

Andalucia Bike Race – Stage 2

Today was very typical of the roller coaster ride that you go through during a stage race. A good, frustrating middle section, good end and a […]
24th February 2013

Andalucia Bike Race – Stage 1

After a slightly “exciting” time at Bristol Airport, somehow putting my passport back into the hold luggage without realising and having a tiny panic. Thankfully EasyJet […]
18th February 2013

Mudrunner Icebreaker

After a turbulent start to the year I decided to enter something a bit different, a bit of fun and something I’ve always fancied trying. Every […]
13th February 2013

Winter Blues

It has been quite some time since I last posted an update, back in 2012 in fact. That has not been on purpose and a number […]
29th December 2012

Privateer Magazine

Of all the magazines and similar publications within MTB I think Privateer probably has the best reputation for quality writing, photography and generally having an upmarket […]
23rd December 2012

Kit of the year

After a busy year and some extremely tough events I’ve put my bikes and kit through conditions that really show what works and what isn’t up […]
29th November 2012

A boy with a dream

Every boy (or girl) has a dream. It might be to become a footballer, a signer or these days perhaps a  reality TV star! My dream […]
14th November 2012

Wheely fun

Anyone who follows the news and trends of Mountain Biking will know that the big thing for 2012 has been the 29er. It has been popular […]
7th November 2012

Scott 24hr & Croc pictures

It has been a while now since I’ve returned home and I am enjoying a little time to myself. No training planned for a while, but […]
31st October 2012

Crocodile Trophy – Round up and pictures

About a year ago I wrote and an article for MBUK magazine (issue 273), titled “The toughest events on the planet”. I listed 5 events based […]
29th October 2012

Crocodile Trophy – Stage 9

The final day. 8 days of hard riding to get to this point. In the briefing the previous evening we found out the details of the […]
27th October 2012

Crocodile Trophy – Stage 8

The penultimate stage, everyone is feeling that the end is close but there is still 230km left to ride. Today the shortest ride of the event, […]
27th October 2012

Crocodile Trophy – Stage 7

Today’s stage always looked like one of the easier days. 90km, wide gravel roads for 60km but constantly undulating. The talk around the camp was that […]
25th October 2012

Crocodile Trophy – Stage 6

Despite being pretty barren and desolate Mt Mulligan where we finished stage 5 was a really nice place to be. I enjoyed the evening there and […]
24th October 2012

Crocodile Trophy – Stage 5

After a good finish on Stage 4 I was feeling pretty excited and wondered if I should perhaps take the race a little more seriously. A […]
24th October 2012

Crocodile Trophy – Stage 4

Although one of the best things about stage racing is travelling to new places it was nice to be at the same place for 2 nights […]
22nd October 2012

Crocodile Trophy – Stage 3

After a poor night sleep thanks to the guy I had pitched next to snoring all night and the backpackers volunteering for the event being loud […]
21st October 2012

Crocodile Trophy – Stage 2

Day 2 quite honestly felt as if it should have been the first day, riders gathered for a ceremonial start from Cairns riders with quite a […]
20th October 2012

Crocodile Trophy – Stage 1

The first stage was not a prologue as some stage races can be, but it wasn’t a full on “Croc” stage either. Something new for the […]
18th October 2012


Regardless of how many 24hr solo races I do I always forget how hard it hits you. Sunday after the race I was an absolute wreak. […]
15th October 2012

Scott 24hr

Where do I start? The race is something of a blur. Things happened but working out the order is hard as anyone who has done a […]
11th October 2012

Final 24hr preparations

This year has been a long journey, starting way back in February with my first races of the year and now I am ready to take […]
7th October 2012

Australia – Beginning the journey

The journey to my biggest races of the year has begun and we are now in Australia ready for the Scott 24hr, which takes place next […]
30th September 2012

Coed y Brenin Enduro

Despite only being run for the 2nd time this year, this event was one I was really looking forward to. Organised by the same team that […]
26th September 2012

Preparing for Australia

There is just one week left until we leave for Australia for what will be a tough series of races and the culmination of my 2012 […]
14th September 2012

Brecon Beast

For yet another event it was a late decision to enter the “Beast”, this time it was on the day before that I decided it might […]
4th September 2012

Kit Updates

After deciding to change many different parts on my race bikes this year, even though the season is nearly over for many with 2013 parts coming […]
27th August 2012

Torq 12:12

I didn’t have any plans to race the Torq 12hr, it would have been too close to the 24hr WSC, but with that cancelled and my […]
19th August 2012

Trail Masters

Trail Masters is a new event on the UK calendar, but essentially a condensed Trans Wales, 3 days instead of 7 and all based form one […]
14th August 2012

24hr WSC disappointment

This morning I woke up to the news that the 24hrs World Solo Championships had been cancelled. The event was due to take place in less […]
10th August 2012

IronBike aftermath

Almost 2 weeks after IronBike and I am still feeling the effects of such an incredibly tough event, both mentally, physically and also my bikes/kit. Obviously […]
30th July 2012

Iron Bike – Round Up & Photos

 Iron Bike was incredible again. Here are links to everyone over the weekend and some incredible pictures taken during the week! Prologue – Blog.Stage 1 – Blog […]
30th July 2012

Iron Bike Stage 7

58km 3400m climbing 4hrs 30min target time 6hrs 30min maximum time Strava link After yesterdays crash on the Fenestrelle steps and the abandonment of the stage […]
29th July 2012

IronBike Stage 6

7hrs target time 10hrs 30min maximum time Strava link After a relatively short day yesterday for a day at Iron Bike, “only” 7hrs on the bike […]
26th July 2012

Iron Bike Stage 5

80km 3800m climbing 8hrs target time 12hrs maximum time Strava link Yesterday was a mental day and it took its toll on everyone, but I wasn’t […]
25th July 2012

Iron Bike Stage 4

100km 4646m climbing 8hrs 30min target time 12hrs maximum time Strava link After each stage while I am recovering myself Ben from Wiggle gives my bike […]
24th July 2012

Iron Bike Stage 3

96km 4800m climbing 8hrs 30min target time 13hrs maximum timeStrava link Reaching day 3 pretty much every part of my body is starting to hurt. Its […]
23rd July 2012

Iron Bike Stage 2

110km 3400m climbing 9hrs target time 12hrs maximum time Strava link After the previous day the British riders are putting in some good performances. Rickie Cotter […]
22nd July 2012

Iron Bike Stage 1

138km 4200m climbing 8hrs target time (to 110km marker) 12hrs maximum time (to 110km marker) Strava link Last year there was only 2 British riders in […]
21st July 2012

IronBike – Preview/Prologue

Last year I entered a race that got to me in a way that no other race has. IronBike is considered the hardest MTB stage race […]
17th July 2012

Cyclosportive round-up

Over the past week and a bit I have entered the 3 biggest French cyclo-sportives there is. Perhaps the only person to even attempt it? Pic: […]
15th July 2012

L’Etape du Tour Act 2 – Pyrenees

Since the first Etape the plan was an easy few days, a slightly harder few days then another easy few days. Doing my thumb in kind […]
11th July 2012

The Bike and the Thumb

I’ve had my Felt F2 for a few months, it is a bike that I liked immediately but more recently I have begun to love it […]
10th July 2012

L’Etape du Tour Act 1 – Alps

Following the La Marmotte the previous day the number one importance was recovery. Not easy when you are travelling alone. I packed the van and headed […]
9th July 2012

La Marmotte

Of all the overseas Sportives the Marmotte is one of the most famous, the route hasn’t changed since it started many years ago and it remains […]
5th July 2012

La Marmotte and L’Etape Act 1 preview

After a monster drive from Wales to the Alps over 2 days I can now start to think about the task I have at hand this […]
1st July 2012

Ras de Cymru

A few months ago Simon Ernest, a fellow MTB rider asked me to join a team for the Ras de Cymru, one of the only road […]
27th June 2012

Wiggle Mountain Mayhem

There is one event that I have entered every year since I started Mountain Biking, for me it excites me year on year and this year […]
19th June 2012

British MTB Series – Kirroughtree

Over the last few years I have made an effort to enter as many XC races as possible, finding they give me a workout that I […]
31st May 2012

Cycling in Madeira

When people think of Maderia, I am sure cycling wouldn’t be top of the list. Flowers, wine, hand made crafts maybe even walking but not cycling. We […]
21st May 2012

British Marathon Championships

In previous years the Marathon Championships has been held on a multi-lap course, around 20-25km per lap because of the rules stopping racing on bridleways within […]
7th May 2012

Dyfi Enduro

It has been several years since I last entered the Dyfi Enduro and I was just a little bit excited to be back and racing this […]
29th April 2012

UK Gravity Enduro

This weekend I decided to do an event that is totally different to my usual XC events and entered the UK Gravity Enduro round at Coed […]
27th April 2012

Dealing with defeat

It has been 3 weeks since the 12hrs UK Champs and it already feels like a long time ago. I was really disappointed with how things […]
22nd April 2012

Nia’s View – 12hr Champs

Its Friday 6thApril we are in Scotland this can only mean one thing, another race! We arrived at Rock UK around 11am only to be told […]
8th April 2012

12hrs of Exposure – UK/Euro Championships

The day finally arrived, my first big domestic race of the year and something a little different for me, having won the 24hr Championships for the […]
6th April 2012

12hr UK/Euro Champs Preview

After 14hrs of travelling Thursday I was certainly glad to reach our B&B near Newcastleton. It is always a bit of a mission getting to Scotland, […]
3rd April 2012

Ups and Downs

It would be fair to say that despite being early into the year that 2012 has started well, with a win at the Dyfi Winter, a […]
19th March 2012

First Nation Home – Long run home

Each night during the challenge I’d try and find some time to write a quick blog, but during the last 4 days I just couldn’t find […]
12th March 2012

First Nation Home – Racing underway

I was honoured to be asked to be a part of the Welsh First Nation Home team for Sport Relief, a massive 1100 mile challenge around […]
8th March 2012

Returning home and going away again

Spain was fantastic. I loved the country, the weather and the riding. La Manga with Fitness 12 was the perfect prep for the Andalucia Bike Race […]
7th March 2012

The Ride Journal

Of all the writing work I’ve done for all the magazines and other media being accepted to write an article for The Ride Journal is what […]
2nd March 2012

ABR – Stage 5 Finale

Andalucia Bike Race Stage 5 60km 1950m climbing After yesterdays killer stage I was feeling very tired in the evening after and the chest problem that […]
1st March 2012

ABR – Stage 4

Andalucia Bike Race Stage 4 87km 2650m climbing Today was the Queen stage, or in other words the hardest. It was also the longest and had […]
29th February 2012

ABR – Stage 3

Andalucia Bike Race Stage 3 71km 2055m climbing Todays stage start went back to being farcical. Priego de Cordoba have obviously paid a fair bit to […]
28th February 2012

ABR – Stage 2

Andalucia Bike Race Stage 2 76km 1920m climbing Todays start looked easier judging by the gradient chart, a flatish 12km then into a climb. Strange how […]
27th February 2012

ABR – Stage 1

Stage 1: 78km 1997m climbing Starting in the same location as the prologue in the centre of Cordoba as start of the prologue today was thankfully […]
26th February 2012

ABR – Prologue

Arriving at the start area for about 10am you really couldn’t fault the race organisation. Riders had been seeded (unsure how, as it can’t have been […]
23rd February 2012

Andalucia Bike Race – Preview

The last week in Spain has been really excellent and after spending some time in Córdoba I’m really excited about the big race ahead! After a […]
19th February 2012

Fitness 12 Training – part 2

A few more training days completed with F12 at La Manga Club and I am very happy to say that I am suitably knackered! The last […]
15th February 2012

Training with Fitness 12 at La Manga Club

Having had a very busy and stressful days in the lead up to leaving for Spain the actual journey itself was completely stress free, thank you […]
13th February 2012

Packed for Spain

Those of you who know me will know that I like to plan everything to do with my races and in general I am pretty organised. […]
10th February 2012

Further saddle testing

 After many more hours I’ve managed to give the 2 remaining Fizik saddles enough backside time to throughly test them and come to a conclusion. After […]
5th February 2012

What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday after the poor show at “Hit the North” race where I suffered major foot pain and had to pull out after less than 10 minutes […]
4th February 2012

First race woes

The plan for this weekend seemed a good one. Head up North on Friday, taking in a ride at Cannock along the way. Another chance to […]
1st February 2012

Big wheels

Take a look at any Mountain Bike magazine or website and you cannot escape the whole “29er” thing that seems to be exploding at the moment […]
27th January 2012

Saddle testing – Fizik Antares VS

I’m lucky to have been sent a few saddles by Fizik to test. Changing a saddle is probably the biggest change I could make to the […]
25th January 2012

Kit changes

I’m very lucky that I’m in a position to use some of the best kit that is available, but sometimes changing kit can be problematic, effecting […]
18th January 2012

2012 training progress

Time is flying by and training is really progressing nicely and I have finalised my 2012 season calendar. It hasn’t all been smooth going though, after […]
8th January 2012

New Blog

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new Blog site. This will be used to post up shorter ramblings and used in addition to the main Wiggle Blog. […]

18th September 2016

Swiss Epic 2016

In a few short years since its inception in 2014 the PERSKINDOL SWISS EPIC has grown to become one of the Worlds most prestigious Mountain Bike […]
23rd September 2015

Swiss Epic 2015

  Last year the Swiss Epic was one of the highlights of my year. The inaugural event was near perfect with a mix of incredible riding […]