24hr WSC disappointment

IronBike aftermath
10th August 2012
Trail Masters
19th August 2012

This morning I woke up to the news that the 24hrs World Solo Championships had been cancelled. The event was due to take place in less than 5 weeks time in Calgary, Canada and was my main focus of the year. Flights were booked a long time ago and accommodation was planned.

My first thoughts were disbelief followed by anger and frustration that this had been allowed to happen. Without knowing the facts I can’t say too much, but an official statement by the organisers, “24hrs of Adrenaline” essentially blames financial reasons as the main factor. How this has been allowed to happen is beyond me and again without knowing the facts I can’t comment but needless to say any trust I had in the organisation is now gone for good.

The event was planned to be the real showdown between all the big 24hr races from all around the World, not just the current World Champion, Jason English but a host of big names with more National champions than had ever been assembled before. My main reason for not defending the UK title back in April was because I wanted to concentrate 100% on the WSC at the end of the year. Now that has been taken away from me I’m feeling angry that the opportunity has been taken away from me.

Right now I have no idea what will become of my 2012 season, I really hope I have the opportunity to salvage something from it. I want to be able to compete in a 24hr race this year, but there only seems to be one really competitive race that I know of, the Scott 24hr in Canberra, Australia. It has become the largest 24hr race in the World (overtaking Mountain Mayhem I believe) and boasts the most competitive field in the country. The Australians are ahead of us when it comes to the discipline and a certain Jason English is set to race. He is without a doubt the fastest 24hr racer of recent years and I would love to be able to challenge him again and hopefully do better than I managed in 2010. It would certainly be the nearest thing to a World Championship and with a glut of fast racers from Australia it would probably be the toughest race anywhere in the World this year.

All this is just an idea yet, but I’ve put so much time and effort into the WSC and making sure that I am fit and fast come September than it would be a real disappointment to waste it. If I can make it happen I will. I owe it to everyone who has supported me to show what I am capable of.